Best Coffee Shops in San Diego

When visiting a new city, it is almost customary for most coffee-loving travelers to try out any coffee shop in the area.

In San Diego, coffee lovers will never get disappointed because of the many coffee shops that dot the city. From the usual franchise-owned, to artisanal, local-based, and hole in the wall shops, San Diego has it all!

Here’s a list of San Diego coffee shops that are worth checking out:

  1. Holsem Coffee – Seeing a vacant seat in this coffee shop is almost next to impossible given the many patrons that hang out here. Apart from traditional hot coffee, cocktail style brews are available in this place. Its cold brewed coffees are also one thing that keeps its clients from coming back. They offer espresso shakes, as well as other coffee based beverages that has turned out to be a delicacy given the many unique and sumptuous flavor options. Holsem Coffee is located in North Park.
  2. Imperial Grounds Coffee – Is a must try given the many options it offers to any hard-core coffee fanatic. They use local coffee beans, and locals are really appreciating it. And as they say, when locals hang out in a place it must be good! They offer regular coffee blends and flavors, as well as seasonal favorites. One of the favorites in this neighborhood hangout is its Mexican Mocha. Imperial Grounds Coffee is located at Imperial Avenue.
  3. Copa Vida – For any tourist who would like to have a unique coffee experience, then Copa Vida is the best place to check out. It may be a branch of a Pasadena-based coffee roaster, but locals and tourists alike have welcomes Copa Vida in San Diego with open arms.

Apart from the traditional coffee beverages that it offers, it also has a wide selection of teas that are perfect for those who want a lighter caffeine fix. As for the unique experience, this is one coffee shop that implements an “honesty system” for those rushing to have a cup. The drip is made available to the public and the payment is on an “honor system” basis. As for the other offerings, customers who would like to hang out in the shop is also more than welcome to do so, in fact the café also offers dishes from its kitchen that is best paired with coffee. For those wanting to have a deeper coffee experience, Copa Vida also holds workshops for coffee lovers and enthusiasts.

So those are the three coffee shops to try out in San Diego. Do stop by for an unforgettable caffeine fix.

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