Where to Hold Kiddie Parties in San Diego

Children’s parties can be time-consuming to organize. But once everything is in place, it can be a breeze, and less stressful even.

One of the first decisions parents make when planning for their child’s party, is its venue. San Diego, CA fortunately, has a lot of kiddie party venues for parents to choose from.

Here are some places to consider for a kiddie party in San Diego, California:

  1. Balboa Park – San Diego is teeming with great parks, and Balboa Park is one kiddie party venue any parent should consider. This 1,200-Acre Park can be a haven for any party organizer as it can accommodate an indoor or an outdoor party event. The website Welcome to San Diego is actually recommending Balboa Park’s San Diego Model Railroad Museum. “If you’re looking for an indoor venue, one great option is the San Diego Model Railroad Museum at Balboa Park. You can rent their party room for two hours and your guests can tour the museum and see all of the amazing model trains – fun for kids and adults alike!  The woman I spoke with at the museum said that the rental fee for the party room is $150 plus an admission fee of $3/guest over the age of 15.” Read the continuation
  2. CeramiCafe – Is a great Children’s Party destination especially if the parents plan to have crafts and kiddie activities during the event. This children’s party venue in La Mesa offers packages that will fit every budget point. The website About Travel recommends this party venue. “eramiCafe in La Mesa offers birthday packages for kids, called Cupcake Parties. Cupcakes, punch, balloons, clean up and supplies are included along with one and a half hours of fun with a staff person to assist. That fun involves picking out a ceramic object to paint, which will bring out kids’ artistic side. Prices start at $15 per person, and different packages are available. A $55 party fee is required in advance to reserve the space.” Read more
  3. San Diego Children’s Museum – For children aged 1 to 10 years old, this kiddie party venue will surely be a hit. The museum offers various party packages for parties with a minimum headcount of 15 to a maximum group size of 40. Among the party themes kids and their parents can choose from include: (1) Butterflies and Insects; (2) Chickens; (3) Dinosaurs; (4) Gardening and Worms; (5) Bubbles, and more.

These are the top three kiddie party venues in San Diego, CA that parents may want to check out for their children’s upcoming birthday party.

Best Coffee Shops in San Diego

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Kid-Friendly Restaurants in San Diego

Not all restaurants can be kid-friendly. Some may not have hi-chairs, kid-friendly meals and utensils, and others are just too formal a dining place that shrieking, and usual toddler behavior may not be encouraged.

San Diego City, being a wholesome and family-friendly destination is teeming with kid-approved restaurants. Below are some of the top kid-friendly restaurants in the area:

  1. Village Pizzeria – Kids and Pizza really jive and in this Coronado Pizza Place, children are bound to enjoy more than what this Italian fave has to offer. Every Wednesday this pizza joint offers a Build-Your-Own Pizza for children where they get all the ingredients to make their own pizza, plus they get to choose three toppings, and eat the pizza that they made for free! The gorgeous view of the San Diego skyline will just be a bonus, given the smiles that could be seen in the kids’ faces as they become a pizza chef for a day. Parents also have a chance to grab a craft beer with their pizzas while watching their kids enjoy cooking their versions of the yummy pie. Blue Bridge Hospitality’s Village Pizzeria is located in the neighborhood of Coronado.
  2. Way Point Public – Is a kid-friendly restaurant that takes family-orientedness up another notch. It has a special menu for children like cheese burgers, hot dog sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches and the like at a price point that parents will not mind. What’s even better is that this joint has a special kids area where they can play board games, floor space, plus books that could entertain them while their parents are having their meal, and hang around. Yes, hang around. This is because this place is so cool that it has craft beers native to California. The website La Jolla Mom sums it up in a review in her website “the restaurant features a 30-tap system focused on West Coast craft brews, over 300 different bottled beers in stock and an inventive menu created by Executive Chef Amanda Baumgarten.” Read the rest of the review here.
  3. Corvette Diner – Is hands down a top family friendly destination in San Diego. It is a 50s inspired diner that will surely entertain your kids. Apart from waitstaff garbed in 50s costume, there also are entertainers like magicians, balloon artists, DJs among other entertainers that make the place come alive day after day. It also has arcade-style games that will surely entertain kids and kids at heart. Corvette Diner is located in Historic Decatur Road.

Where to Hold Kiddie Parties in San Diego


Best Coffee Shops in San Diego

When visiting a new city, it is almost customary for most coffee-loving travelers to try out any coffee shop in the area.

In San Diego, coffee lovers will never get disappointed because of the many coffee shops that dot the city. From the usual franchise-owned, to artisanal, local-based, and hole in the wall shops, San Diego has it all!

Here’s a list of San Diego coffee shops that are worth checking out:

  1. Holsem Coffee – Seeing a vacant seat in this coffee shop is almost next to impossible given the many patrons that hang out here. Apart from traditional hot coffee, cocktail style brews are available in this place. Its cold brewed coffees are also one thing that keeps its clients from coming back. They offer espresso shakes, as well as other coffee based beverages that has turned out to be a delicacy given the many unique and sumptuous flavor options. Holsem Coffee is located in North Park.
  2. Imperial Grounds Coffee – Is a must try given the many options it offers to any hard-core coffee fanatic. They use local coffee beans, and locals are really appreciating it. And as they say, when locals hang out in a place it must be good! They offer regular coffee blends and flavors, as well as seasonal favorites. One of the favorites in this neighborhood hangout is its Mexican Mocha. Imperial Grounds Coffee is located at Imperial Avenue.
  3. Copa Vida – For any tourist who would like to have a unique coffee experience, then Copa Vida is the best place to check out. It may be a branch of a Pasadena-based coffee roaster, but locals and tourists alike have welcomes Copa Vida in San Diego with open arms.

Apart from the traditional coffee beverages that it offers, it also has a wide selection of teas that are perfect for those who want a lighter caffeine fix. As for the unique experience, this is one coffee shop that implements an “honesty system” for those rushing to have a cup. The drip is made available to the public and the payment is on an “honor system” basis. As for the other offerings, customers who would like to hang out in the shop is also more than welcome to do so, in fact the café also offers dishes from its kitchen that is best paired with coffee. For those wanting to have a deeper coffee experience, Copa Vida also holds workshops for coffee lovers and enthusiasts.

So those are the three coffee shops to try out in San Diego. Do stop by for an unforgettable caffeine fix.

Kid-Friendly Restaurants in San Diego


Culinary Schools in San Diego

Pursuing a culinary profession will always be a great endeavor when in San Diego. The county is home to many culinary schools and cooking studios that aim to educate those who want to embark on a career on the food, beverage and hospitality industry.

The website Cooking School listed down the many schools and online based culinary programs being offered to San Diegans.

“You’ll be sweating it out in a professional kitchen in no time once you’ve started your studies. Most programs can be finished in two years or less, and some schools have options for expediting your studies through intensive courses or certificate or diploma plans. The options range from as little as a few months to a year. If you’re considering management, you could be looking at a more traditional degree that can take up to four years to finish. Online programs make your choices even easier, allowing you flexibility to schedule your studies at your convenience. Cooking techniques can be learned through video in some programs, or previous kitchen work can be used in tandem with online academic courses. Management provides more options for online programming, with many more schools offering degrees.” Read their complete list here.

One of the top culinary schools known in and around the San Diego, CA area is the San Diego Culinary Insitute or SDCI. The SDCI is one of the premiere culinary educational institutions in San Diego, California. In its official website, it highlighted the many reasons why its alumni is doing great in the culinary scene around the whole country. “SDCI is fairly unique when it comes to culinary schools. We’ve only been around for 12 years, which is fairly young. We are family owned and have only one campus location. But since we are relatively small and have no corporate board making decisions for us, we have been able to develop programs that have set our campus apart when compared to the results of other culinary schools. We have created a unique culture that every new student becomes a part of once they step foot on our campus.” Read the continuation here.

Pursuing a career in the culinary arts, or simply taking classes for leisure or hobby is very much possible when living in San Diego. The many educational institutions provide a wide range of choices when it comes to courses, and even in terms of tuition fees. Many San Diegans have found their niche in the industry in and around the country, even in the international scene.