Tips for Hiring a Flood Damage Restoration Company

Most often than not, a property owner looking to hire a flood damage restoration company is at a loss given the devastation a flooding brought to her property. Regardless of the situation though, one must have the presence of mind when hiring a restoration company so as to assured of a great and professional restoration work.

Tips for Hiring a Flood Damage Restoration Company

In its official website, the Better Business Bureau warned consumers about hiring unscrupulous companies who may just be out to scam them.

“After going through a flood, people you do not know may knock on your door, offering discounted flood repair services. Some of these individuals may not be legitimate. Scammers travel to disaster areas to take advantage of those who want life to go back to ‘normal.’ Some may claim your insurance agent or FEMA sent them to your home or business. Before hiring a flood restoration specialist, do the following to avoid falling victim to a scam: (1) Talk to your insurance agent (or FEMA) to find out about specific coverage and filing requirements. Victims should save all receipts, including those for food and temporary lodging. (2) Check with the BBB to learn about flood restoration specialists that have received good reviews.”

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The Institute for Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification or IICRC recommends professionals that have been certified by their institution so as to make sure that proper flood clean up and sanitation can be ensured.

“Powerful odors may linger for weeks or months. While it is possible for a homeowner to halt some of this and restore some of the destruction, a team of professionals will be needed to bring the building back to its previous state. Any professionals that are hired to perform flood damage repair should be Cleantrust certified. To secure this certification, the company has to take a number of classes and be approved by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. The IICRC is the gold standard of oversight agencies in the carpet cleaning and restoration industry.  They set the standards for what constitutes proper methods in the field.” Read the whole article here.

Here are some more tips for hiring a flood damage restoration company:

  1. As for referrals from family or friends who may have an experience about hiring a flood restoration company.
  2. Always remember that one does not have to jump on the first company that presented their services, nor the first restoration firm that is recommended by the insurance company.
  3. Always compare the quotation and service inclusions of at least three restoration companies. Contact Super Dry
  4. Utilize the power of the Internet. Check the social media feedback on the top two to three companies being considered, as well as the ratings these companies received in third party service ratings website like Yelp and Angie’s List. Services
  5. Ask for references from the companies being considered.
  6. Do not think that interviewing potential restoration companies is a waste of time. Only through an interview, will you get a real feel of how it is to coordinate with the company. Ask all the relevant questions, as well as timelines and service inclusions so it can be compared.

Hiring a flood restoration company is never a walk in the park. It may even be doubly challenging given that hiring a flood restoration contractor usually happens at a very stressful time.

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